Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Visit to Curacao

I just came back from Curacao where I passed two very nice weeks. I rested, partied, visited friends and family and worked on a very exiciting project. I will inform you about that project in the future.

My mom together with my niece Jaylienne. After she stared at me for three days when I arrived, we became best friend. I'm already missing this nice girl, whom I have know since here birth in Almere. Now she is living in Curacao.

Here my mom with the children, Jaylienne and the youngest one Jurion.

My cousin Robert, who moved back to Curacao last year visited a couple of times with his son Jayven.

My dear friend Mario toured me on the island and took me parties during the Get Wet Weekend organised by local gay organisations.

I also visited the house where my father grew up, the central house of the Reina family.

I stayed in the house where I grew up. Now my mother's house.