Wednesday, June 07, 2017

True nation building, possible in a 'colonized' Curacao?

Melissa F. Weiner, Associate Professor of Sociology at the College of the Holy Cross addresses methods to decolonize educational systems, using her studies in the Netherlands as examples. And she is convinced when students are not engaged in their education, it reflect a disconnect between their culture and reality and the educational curriculum and environment.

Antonio Carmona Baez, Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at University of Puerto Rico uses the political and economic reality of Puerto Rico to address issues of decolonizing efforts and in nation building practices. One condition for a decolonized society he points out is the development of an authentic local economy.

Weiner and Carmona Baez were special guest at the Tertulia 'Nation Building in a Decolonized Perspective: Academics as Activists', organized by the Library and research Centre of the University of Curacao and Unesco.