Wednesday, November 09, 2005

35 Birthday and Black Magic Woman Festival

I celebrated my 35 Birthday last November 8 the. I was joined by my good friends and brother for this occasion. On the picture best friend Judith is missing and also Andre. They left earlier.
From left to right, back: Julien (bloodbrother), Ytel, Laurindo, me and Alexis; front: Collin, Barbara and Vincent, who was one week visiting from Curacao. The picture was taken by Jessica, with the blue shirt on the second picture below.

This Friday the Black Magic Woman Festival is starting on Friday with a concert by jazzsinger Denise Jannah with three singing guests. The festival, this year celebrating it's tenth anniversary, is the only festival in Holland with black women on the stage presenting different art forms: theatre, music, literature, visual arts, film and debate. More info

A very special guest this year is Valerie Mason-John, visiting from London. She has been invited to the festival due to her fiction debut Borrowed Body, a novel about a young black girl, growing up in fosterhomes in white Great Britain. She will be reading on the Poetry and Literature evening Tuesday November 15th. Tickets only 5,00 euro's, 020- 695 29 11

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