Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Role Models

The Antillean community in the Netherlands is largely portrayed as criminals, rapists and irresponsible parents. It must not be easy to grow up as an Antillean in Dutch cities those days. A lot of people are putting their time available to give the youth good examples and teach them a lot for their own development. So is the project Luna Ku Solo, a musical program in the Bijlmer, where different Antillean music teachers give lessons to young children that wouldn’t normally go a music school. Praise to Mr.Eugene Boereveen, the initiator of this project. Today, April 12, the young musicians were visited by two big singers of Antillean descent, Edsilia Rombley, who represented Holland in the Eurovision song festival and the jazz diva Izaline Calister. It was very good to see the youngsters talking to their own role models.

The singing group singing traditional children songs from Curacao together with Izaline Calister, who told them she began singing at the age of seven in the children group Perlitas in Curacao.

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