Sunday, July 30, 2006

Go for your dreams!

Today a the Kwakoefestival, (annual Afro Surinam festival with sports, food and music) I met Manolito, a guy I’ve known since kindergarten in Curacao. I haven’t seen him for more then ten years and after talking about our lives he asked me what I was doing.
When I told him I was working at a theatre, he was very surprised. He told me he remembered me as a very young guy drawing theatre curtains, theatre lightning, microphones and singers and dancers performing. He said ´You are realising your dreams´.

It was very touching to hear him say that, because I never realised that. I ´forgot´ about those dreams as a young boy. But I truly believe that at the end, what really make us happy is realising our dreams. And I think that as a young child, you can dream more freely, so to everyone go back to the dreams you had as a little child and realise them. You didn’t have those dreams just to have them. Dreaming is the way you can see everything you can become and realise in the future.
Thank you very much Mano and please do the same!

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