Thursday, November 30, 2006

My radio feature: Habri, ik kom terug Curacao

Last September I was in Curacao where I worked on my first radio feature: Habri, ik kom terug Curacao- I’m coming back Curacao. I got an assignment by the Humanistische Omroep to go to Curacao and research how it would be to return home as an openly gay man. I talked to my then boy friend Mario and my mum about our relationship and the island.

Another thing I had to deal with on Curacao was the sudden death of my father when I was six years old. I wanted to know if he would have accepted a gay son. But talking to my uncle the conversation turned in a totally other direction.

The feature is in the Dutch language.
See for more information about the feature on Radio Atelier.
Click here to listen to my documentary.

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Anonymous said...

Leuk, lesa bo weblogg. Mi di awemainta si mi ta bai skucha bo dokumentario prome mi sali kaya. Pero e no ta habri.Mi ta pruba un biaha mas, pues ahinda mi no por komenta bo tokantre bo dokumentario