Sunday, October 21, 2012

Film by Sharelly Emanuelson in Africa in the Picture

Sharelly Emanuelson is a young filmmaker from Dutch Caribbean descent with a big urge to make documentaries involving here place of birth and it's people. She was interviewed for a local radio station in Amsterdam in Papiamentu (the vernacular of Curacao) due toe the featuring of her first released docu during the Africa in the Picture Filmfestival in Amsterdam. The documentary Su solo i playanan tells the different stories of people living on the island of Curacao, told alongside the beautiful beaches of the island. In the interview Emanuelson tell us she wanted to contrast the cliché image of the sunny island with beautiful beached with the reality of the people which in those cases also included their worries about the future. Emanuelson also explain in the conversation why she founded Uni Arte, a collective of Caribbean artists working and living in Holland, which will later also include artists living on the islands.

Su solo i playanan in Africa in the picture:
Saturday, October 27, 19.30. SMART Project Space.
Arie Biemondstraat 111. 020- 4275951 

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