Saturday, January 21, 2006

What kind of a rebel are you?

Last week I visited a ‘performance’ of the theatre organisation Urban Myth, where the organisation’s founder, the young actor Jörgen and a DJ receive guests in the lobby of the prestigious Municipal theatre Stadsschouwburg. The program this time was dedicated to Revolutions. Talking with young and more experienced rebels the two hosts explore the reasons why till the eighties people seemed to rebel more easily then during the last years. The audience could participate too in a photo shoot. There were three prepared figures of a kind of rebel on a board, and the audience could choose which kind of rebel or Revolution they felt more attached to. I choose this one:

Later we got an envelop with a description of the kind of rebel we were. I will translate for you what mine said, and gave my comments on it in yellow.

To survive
I suppose I have this kind of power, I have never thought seriously about suicide for example. But I don’t see my self as a model of Power, which I connect more with physical strength.

Powerful rebel,
Freedom, equality and brotherhood (Liberté, Equalité et Fraternité) are very important to you.
That is true, these were also one of the inspirations for the Big Slave Rebellion of 1795 in Curacao which I’ve been commemorating in Amsterdam.

You are a born leader, but can also be a good follower. For you there is no mountain too high, you will do your utmost to achieve your goals.
This is more the person I’m becoming today. In the past I wasn’t always good in touch with my dreams and goals, so I didn’t always try hard to achieve them.

Your body is your temple and for that reason you take very good care of you. Exercise, drinking a lot of water, each day evolves around yourself. Because the best men wins!
Wish this was true. Today I got home after working at 10.30 PM and had to cook my dinner at that time. I was tired, cold and miserable. I really have to learn yet to take good care of myself.

Some people sees this as a bad thing. But that is because they don’t realise you also need power and knowledge to be able to take care of others. Keeping the harmony can be trusted to you. Just Do It.
I think I’ve been doing this one.

Your role model: Oprah Winfrey
I have a hatred-love thing with Oprah. Sometime she really annoy me with her to obvious commercial praise for artist: ‘Oh, you are the best actor I know…’. But in other shows she reacts on people in the most mature way possible, and guide them to see their own realities in such a honest and profound way. No, Oprah is Top.

Your Link:
This is new to me .

Your action: adopt a chicken.
No, no no! In those senses I will always be a Curacao man. Animals are important, but don’t exaggerate.

I have to say Big Up to Hidde Simons who organised this part and sent me the picture I asked him.


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