Monday, March 22, 2010

Photographic impression of elections in Curacao

Official inscriptions of parties

The labour party Frente Obrero visualising their slogan : Godett si sa, Godett si ta traha' ' Godett, he has a clue, he delivers'

The ruling liberal party PAR with their leader prime minister De Jongh Elhage.

Three opposition parties united in the " Lista di Kambio' - List of Change. They had a lot of people in the street.

The three leaders of the Lista di Kambio parties

The Campaign

The leader of the new party Partido un Pueblo Emansipa - People Emancipation party- Oswald Quirindongo with sympathisers before the TV debate.

Edgar Leito from Movementu Solushon Isla - an environmentalist party aiming to close the Isla refinery on the island at the debate.
I wrote an article in Dutch about these two new parties for

The radical leftist party Pueblo Soberano announced proudly that they didn't give away their campaigning materials, but their sympathisers bought the flags and t-shirts. They became the third biggest party with 10.000 votes, nearly 100% growth.

Lista di Kambio- supporter

PNP, Partido Nashonal di Pueblo, the Christian democrats on water

Frente Obrero alongside the streets

The leader of Frente Obrero, Anthony Godett (left) in a radio debate with Norbert George, the leader of Partido Democrat, a traditional liberal party. Right my uncle Frank Quirindongo leading the debate.

The youth Tambu group Karabela performing at the new years reception of the Lista di Kambio

Curacao uses voting machines from the controversial firm Smartmatic. Some opposition parties were against their use and there is a lot of discussion about their use. A promotion team was in town giving information about the machines.

The liberal party PAR had the biggest flags, they also had the biggest campaign budget. The PAR won the election and became the biggest party (26.000 votes). The united Lista di Kambio, their challengers were second with 23.000 votes.

Election day
For months my mother and her neighbour have been complaining about holes in the road. On election day the miracle happened.

Young guys in front of the voting sites, handing flyers. I wonder what they are given to do this job? Only a meal?

My radio colleague Nelly Rosa (Paradise FM) interviewing the leader of Frente Obrero Anthony Godett, who was the biggest loser of the elections. They lost their two seats in parliament.

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