Monday, November 23, 2009

Elections tradition in Curacao

Next year January there will be parliament elections in the Netherlands Antilles. Today (November 23) the different parties participating in the elections presented their list with candidates to the electoral board on the different islands. This is a new tradition and I experienced it for the first time in Curacao and took some pictures of the three parties that came in after 2.00 PM.

This is the political stretch of the island. One fan of the nationalistic leftists party Pueblo Soberano disputing with a fan of the rightist liberal party PAR, the reigning party for the last 15 years.

Three progressive opposition parties (the social democrats MAN, the radical left party Niun Paso Atras and the social- liberal party Forsa Korsou) joined in a combination, going to the elections with the slogan Uni den Victoria, united in the victory and Ban p'e Kambio, going for change.

The liberal party PAR has ruled the country for the last 15 years and takes pride in having let the economy grow and realizing the coming constitutional changes. Will the 'money party' win the elections again, or will the union in the till now divided opposition stand a chance this time?

The workers party Frente Obrero took their leader Anthony Godett on a caterpillar, claiming 'Godett si ta traha!' Godett make things happen.

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