Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Successfull Tula Rebelion celebration in Amsterdam

Tula was the leader of the bissgest slave rebelion in Curacao. August 17 1795 this rebelion started and is still being remembered by the people of Curacao ton conmemorate our slavery legacy.
Each year the organisation Simpla, lead by Judith Heerenveen and Marlon Reina (me) organizes a conmemoration in Amsterdam to reflect on this event.

Enjoy a couple of interviews done by Nos Teve about the conmemoration.
Izaline Calister song beautifully and talked to the TV station. Look.
Here an interview with the artist that made the painting and his model.

Here an interview with Dr. Jandie Paula, the key note speaker from Curacao.

And then an interview with Dr. Artwell Cain, director of NiNsee, the organisation that facilitates this conmemoration.

Glenn Helberg of the OCAN give his vision.

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