Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anousha N'Zume question reaction in Dutch media on novel dealing with black woman

Anousha N'Zume, a very intelligent and conscious actress, performer and TV producer I've been working with, is very furious about the reactions in Dutch media and literature circles on a book by author Robert Vuisje. In this award winning book, the author describes the search of a Jewish upper-class man for his ideal 'black woman'. He concludes that the black intellectual is as boring as the Jewish girls of his community, so he need the 'black Rowanda' living in a black neighbourhood and having sex for a bottle of breezes. The same old stereotype of the black woman as a sex object and loving giving sexual pleasure to white man.

Anousha really succeeded in making a point and making the presenter of the program think about his own role in this. In a interview in his program, he called black woman 'the beast', a term not even the author uses in the book.

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