Saturday, May 09, 2009

From the archives: Reggie Williams about Essex Hemphill

Activist Reggie Williams has lived in Amsterdam from 1994 till his death in 1999. He was a very inspiring friend, colleague and tutor to me and more black and white gay men and lesbian women in Amsterdam. He introduced us to a lot of African American gay cultural products which wouldn't have reached us through the mainstream channels.

Marlon Riggs, Reggie Williams and Essex Hemphill

When Essex Hemphill died in 1995, he was a guest at the local radio-program Global Perspective to pay tribute to this great poet and his beloved friend. He is joined by Jerry Haime reading a poem in this interview with Andre Reeder.

Reggie Williams about Essex Hemphil 23-11-1995 by MarlonReina

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Wolfgang said...

Hi Marlon,
Thanks for posting this interview! I'll link to it from the Reggie website!